Change? How does it happen?

You cannot expect to change your fitness or your body if you do not make some changes in the way you’re currently doings thing. Decide, commit, be consistent.

It’s time to talk tough.

I take issue when clients consistently don’t turn up to sessions.  You’ve had a desire, enrolled in a program, enjoyed, and then failed to be consistent.  Why?

Life happens.   It’s frustrating, but the kids get sick, flu sweeps the country, family emergencies occur and injuries drag you down.

We all understand that and accept that “life happens” as an excuse.  So how about we flip that over and say “life happens” as a motivating phrase.  Things happen, but I will do my best to get to class.  Life happens, but I will get my workout in somehow.  Life happens, but I will still make time.

As I said in a recent newsletter “nothing changes if nothing changes”.  If you have a little sniffle and take that as a reason not to come to your workout – how do you honestly expect to see real change.  Sometimes you have to push through.  Modify the workout by all means, take it easy if you have to – but get it done!

This all comes down to mindset and priorities.  You don’t stop brushing your teeth because you have a headache or are busy at work. You do it because you’ll feel uncomfortable if you don’t, because it’s part of looking after yourself.

I’ll ask the tough question – how many times did you miss your session last term? How far did you feel you progressed?  There are the times when it is genuinely impossible to get to your workout – but then there’s the time when you’ve taken the easy way out.

You will never hit your goals if you keep on half-arsing your effort.

If you want change – then something has to change.  I’m here for motivation and accountability, but I can’t do it for you.  That change isn’t up to me –it’s up to you.

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