• “I have been trained by Lisa for many years and during this time have noticed many benefits for my health and wellbeing. These include weight loss, increased fitness and energy levels and increased muscle tone and mobility. I also enjoy the social side of training in a group where we all have a lot of fun as we get fit.”

    Martine D.
  • “I chose Lisa as a trainer because she has been successful with my wife and because Lisa was very understanding about me recovering from serious back surgery. My left leg had previously atrophied because of nerve damage from my back injury. My main goal was to conquer the climbing of stairs with leaning on the balustrading. Due to Lisa’s careful programming I have full use of my leg, decreased back pain, a reasonable standard of fitness as well as losing weight. I can’t thank Lisa enough as I was looking at being infirm for the rest of my life.”

    Mal Phillips
  • “Over the past couple of years I have been trained by Lisa Bullock. It was not until last year that I really took on the challenge to lose more weight and become fitter, physically and mentally. Lisa was my rock during this time. She encouraged, motivated, celebrated with me all the way and within 6 months I had lost 26.3kg. I could not have done it without her.”

    Samantha A.
  • “I had joint pain and general health issues and began attending weekly Pilates classes. Whilst Lisa challenges us all to reach our potential, she also takes any injuries we may bring to class very seriously, and modifies the exercises for individuals accordingly. My body is now much stronger, fitter and healthier than ever before.”

    K. Weera
  • ” I was in need of a personal trainer for my chronic lumbar pain and feeling very satisfied with Lisa’s help rehabilitating my pain, I became confident to refer my patients on to her for Pilates and exercise rehab programs. These clients are lucky enough to have a trainer who is able to pick up on altered biomechanics, hypertonic muscles and identify when pain or a “niggle” is in need of treatment.”

    Dr Naomi White, Osteopath Health at Heights