Meet Rod

I’m Rod, former fat kid turned full time coach/personal trainer based in Emerald, Victoria. Over the last 3 and a half years I’ve devoted my time and energy to helping guys and gals of all ages smash their fitness goals and achieve long lasting change in the process, and I’ve loved every minute of it!

Prior to getting into health and fitness at 20 I was massively overweight. All through primary school and high school I had an incredibly unhealthy relationship with food and myself – I put all my feelings into my food. I bounced from fad diet to fad diet in an effort to make some change but nothing stuck except the weight.

I hit rock bottom when I was dumped for being too fat. It could have been a really negative experience instead it was just the kick I needed. I signed up for my first gym class- and having overcome that huge milestone, embarked on my journey of weight loss and transformation.

Working closely with a trainer was the big piece of the puzzle I’d been missing all those years, and having the support of an educated, motivational professional helped me go from 115 kilos down to 80!

Since then I’ve participated in obstacle races (something I thought would always be beyond me) and even competed in my first serious boxing fight last year in front of more than 1000 people.

Realising what a huge impact the right trainer can have on a person, not only for physical transformation but mental as well, is the biggest reason I now do what I do.

I work closely with Lisa to best help our clients. While Lisa handles specialised issues like chronic injuries and specific populations (women 45+), I love working with anyone and everyone, provided they have the motivation and drive to challenge themselves and work hard towards their goals.

We work on improving overall health by combining our focus on your fitness, strength, nutrition and mindset to ensure that you’re progressing in all areas, not just how much you can sweat in an hour.

With either One-on-one personal training, or our small group class options, we’ve got something on offer for everyone depending on your confidence, budget and interest. Click here to view our timetable and class offerings!

I’m here to support you and ultimately help you smash any goal you put your mind to.  Ring me today to talk more about how I can help you achieve your goals, on 0400 505 423.

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Here’s what Sophie Stewart, professional dancer, says about training with me:

“I feel super lucky to have been trained by Rod.  I am currently living in LA and because of Rod, I have the knowledge and the skills to to maintain my physique and fitness levels at a professional level.  

Rod’s knowledge not only on physical fitness and the body but also nutrition are second to none and I trust him in all he says.  It has taken me a while but I really do feel as though I have a found a trainer for me in Rod.  He knows that for me, it is about my overall wellbeing, both mental and physical, and is supportive and absolutely brings out the best in me.”