All classes are currently delivered via Zoom in accordance with current Covid-19 restrictions.

Class Descriptions:

Pilates: This is a 50 minute matwork and fitball core class using Pilates principles for core strength and stability.  Not just an abs class, you’ll train postural muscles in your shoulders, back and pelvis ensuring better posture, less back and neck pain, and a full body strength session without the sweat or impact.  You’ll feel taller and stand straighter!  Bookings for this term program are essential.  Contact Lisa on 0407 873271. Read more here.   DELIVERED VIA ZOOM.

Fit Forever:  These term programs are designed specifically for women 45+.  You’ll get a full body workout with variety and challenge that suits the needs of the 45+ woman.  All exercises can be easily modified for niggles or injuries.  These classes are low impact, work on core and balance and will make you stronger, fitter and leaner.  No equipment necessary. To book your place contact Lisa on 0407 873271.  DELIVERED VIA ZOOM.

Total Body S&C:  Strength and conditioning, or S&C, is our full body program designed to challenge and advance your all round fitness.  S&C gives you a balanced training program and balanced fitness.  The programs are structured week to week so you can feel that each workout flows into the other with purpose and progression at its core. We use fast paced circuit style workouts to improve your cardiovascular health with benefits like lowering your blood pressure, a slower resting heart rate along with better endurance and stamina. As well as that, we incorporate slower weights workouts that’ll see you working with appropriately challenging weights for reps and sets so that you can build muscle, and see your strength increase week to week with meaningful progression.   Contact Rod on 0400 505 423 or keep up to date on Facebook with  Rod Bullock Fitness DELIVERED VIA ZOOM.  Some equipment is necessary.

Total BodyFit:  Similar in style to the S&C classes, Lisa takes you through themed workouts that change every fortnight.  Using a variety of resistance training tools and methods you’ll get stronger, improve core and balance, and burn a ton of calories.  Always great fun, you’ll see results quickly in this motivating and supportive environment.  Term bookings only, call Lisa on 0407 873271 for availability and more information.  DELIVERED VIA ZOOM.  No equipment necessary.