Making yourself a priority (and stop with the excuses)

Truth Bomb > Putting everyone else first in your life doesn’t make you an awesome, selfless parent or friend, it’s simply another excuse.

Sorry, not sorry.

So you’ve cancelled your training session yet again.

Your son needs a lift to the Myotherapist.
Your daughter has extra dance practise.
Work asked you to stay back (again).
Visitors came in from overseas.
You’re just too tired. Again.

All real and very valid reasons.

BUT what does it say about your priorities when your training and your “you time” is continually bottom of the priority list?

You’ve been told by your doctor you need to lose weight.
You have chronic pain.
Your blood pressure is up. Again.
You don’t sleep.
You’re chronically stressed.
You’re just not happy with how you’re feeling or even looking.

At what point in time is it essential to look at this physical picture and do something proactive about it?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years if this continues?

I often hear that we all need to say “no” more.

No, to the ceaseless busy-ness.

No, to the constant demands.

Well that’s pretty hard if you’re a busy mum/wife/daughter/human. After all, it still has to get done somehow.

Let’s reframe that to “yes”.

Yes, MY health is important.
Yes, I’m doing what I need to, to get my weight under control.
Yes, I’m prioritising my one hour 😳 of exercise a week. 
Yes, I’m setting a great example for my family and friends.
Yes, I believe I’m important and will do what I need to look after myself.

The New Year, New Me stuff is just around the corner.

I don’t love NY Resolutions because they are so often unrealistic and set you up to fail.  But, occasionally you have to put the brakes on and take a long hard look at where you’re going.

I just get so freaking frustrated at seeing SO many of my clients continually struggle with this.

It’s denial. Pure and simple!

Time and time and time again, it’s the ones who need it the most that cancel!

Think about the cause and effect there. You’re struggling so you cancel but you’re struggling because you don’t commit to positive, ongoing change.

You NEED to look after yourself. No one else can do it for you.

Stop wasting endless energy on being unhappy with yourself and start spending the energy where it will make a difference.

Its a simple concept. Not easy always but still simple in design.

Eat fewer calories than you consume.
Eat more protein – every meal, every snack.
Move your body! With purpose and just because you can. Just move.
Drink water.
Get quality sleep.
Consume quality, nutrient dense food.

The internet is full of ways to complicate this. 

Just don’t.

Stick to the basics.

If you’re looking for a magic bullet to feel better – news flash – there isn’t one.  I’ve just given you exactly what you need to feel better.  To live a healthier, happier life.

This is my Christmas wish.  That the ones who really, really need it – actually start doing something for themselves.

You are worth it. 

I can see it. Why can’t you?




Image courtesy of: Photo by Toni Cuenca on Unsplash

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